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Advanced Rifle and Pistol 

In this course, you'll refine your shooting techniques, enhance your accuracy, and develop the ability to handle both rifles and pistols with expert precision. Our seasoned instructors will lead you through advanced marksmanship principles, dynamic shooting scenarios, and tactical drills that simulate real-world situations.

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Peak Firearms Proficiency

Our Advanced Rifle and Pistol Mastery Course is tailored to those who seek the highest level of firearm expertise. This advanced training hones your skills to their peak, making you a master of both rifles and pistols, whether for competitive shooting or tactical applications.


- Active Threat Identification and reaction 

- Rifle (Reloading, Malfunction and shooting)

- Active Reaction Identification of threats 

- Pistol (Magazine Exchange and Malfunction in shootings).

- Rifle/Pistol transition and Active Shooting

- Practical: 70 shots 5.56 mm - 40 rounds 9mm

- Weapons will be provided (available)

- Certificate

Investment: $329.60

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35615 N Treasure Island Ave, Leesburg, Florida 34788, USA

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